About D'Amico Entertainment
Q: Do You Travel?

A: I guess the correct answer is yes… if you’re paying…were playing…each travel gig has its own set of criteria in order to fix a price but I usually come to an price we both feel comfortable with.

Q: Do you have back up equipment and are you insured?

A: Yes and yes….you’re not a professional otherwise

Q: Do I get to pick my music?

A: Absolutely…your requests are an integral part to 1) us getting a read on your personality, taste and feel and 2)how to keep your friends, family and mostly you happy and dancing …we have a section in our planning software totally dedicated to requests. When you plan your event you can be as hands off or hands on as you want to be.

Q: How can I come see what you do?

A: Simple…call us and make an appointment to come to our office and we’ll show you a demonstration video.

Q: Will I meet my entertainer?

A: Yes….you will either be set up to meet at the time of your appointment or a conference call will be set up.

Q: What is the payment schedule like?

A: It’s a third down payment on whatever package you choose and the rest is due the night of the affair. You are always allowed to use the PayPal option on the website as well. We take all forms of payment as well.

Q: If I book you will you show up?

A: I’d better….its on the contract!!! Seriously though….my business is a first come first serve business…if you book me first and lay your deposit down…you’re stuck with me or your hired performer.

Q: When do we meet to go over the details?

A: About 2 weeks out we’ll either meet in person or conference call.

Q: How do I get you my lists and requests?

A: We have “client only” software that allows you to log in with a personal user name and password so you can plan you entire affair on-line.

Q: When do you do appointments?

A: Tuesday through Thursday evenings and Weekends by appointment only….but usually we’re flexible to all schedules. Fill out the contact us form on the site and we’ll call you to set one up.


D'Amico Entertainment 460 Ridgedale Ave Unit 7 East Hanover NJ 07936.

Hours of Operation Mondays: 12-3 Tuesday-Thursday: 12-8 Friday: 12-3 Weekends: By appontment only
D'Amico Entertainment is a fully licensed and insured DJ and Entertainment Company.

D'Amico Entertainment proudly supports the Dean Michael Clarizio Cancer Foundation.