Thank you for your interest in D’Amico Entertainment….

Our vision is to bring top notch “professional” entertainers to your affair.

We offer entertainers for just about every application….Singers, Piano Players, Sax Players, DJ’s, MC’s, Dancers, Percussionists…etc. …

Rather than just assigning anyone to your event, and because no two affairs are alike, we strive in finding the right entertainer for your affair. We never try to over-sell you, instead we educate you on what you need and don’t need in order for your event, big or small, to be a complete success.

In 1999, we created a hit show that others have tried (and still do try) to imitate but never duplicate. We call it The DJ “Alive” show. Seamlessly fitting into most functions, this fusion of the best a DJ has to offer (without, as most of my clients put it, “the cheese factor”) mixed with the best elements of live performance, is the signature show of our company and what makes D’Amico Entertainment, and your affair, stand out from the rest. While some companies think this is a hot “new” trend, as of 2012 we will be performing this show for our 13th year with about 5000-5500 events under our belt.

In this tough economy, we believe this show is for people who want more than “just a DJ” and not pay through the nose for “just another band”.

We have been featured in many publications including “The Knot” and “Brides New Jersey” magazines. We are recommended by many upscale catering facilities because of our attention to detail and customer service. Not to mention our unique spin on entertainment.

Our company is run like a “white glove”, “boutique” environment, where your affair doesn’t get lost in a sea of other events. You’re more like family than just another event on a calendar. We believe in quality of shows here not quantity.

We also hold our entertainers to a higher standard, not just anyone can be an entertainer here, and therefore, only a handful of selected entertainers are capable of running The “DJ Alive” package. We take pride in every event we produce and it’s in that quality that has allowed us to perform this show in NY, NJ, PA, VA, DEL, MA, CT, FLA and soon at booked weddings in Vegas and Key West. (Yes, we travel)

We are about making your party the “event” they will talk about for years to come. In order to do that it all starts with what happens BEFORE your event.

We have implemented a client management system. By using it you are able to:
        • Have your own unique log-in and password
        • Plan your affair with forms tailored to your event
        • View and make payments online 
        • Request music

Our goal is success from the beginning of your experience with us not just the event itself.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at (973)585-6150 or for more information fill out our “Contact Us” form.

We are also on Facebook. Just type D’Amico Entertainment in the search bar or click here.

We hope your experience with us is a memorable one and nothing short of a great time!!!

Thank You,
Chris D’Amico
D’Amico Entertainment

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D'Amico Entertainment 460 Ridgedale Ave Unit 7 East Hanover NJ 07936.

Hours of Operation Mondays: 12-3 Tuesday-Thursday: 12-8 Friday: 12-3 Weekends: By appontment only
D'Amico Entertainment is a fully licensed and insured DJ and Entertainment Company.

D'Amico Entertainment proudly supports the Dean Michael Clarizio Cancer Foundation.